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Based on neural networks and artificial intelligence, the algorithms identify and track objects on the pitch as accurately as possible. Thanks to an innovative machine learning method, the system improves tracking accuracy every day.

AI algorithms
Video analysis system based on neural networks and AI algorithms. Performance, accessibility and intuitiveness are undoubted advantages of this professional tool, which should be on every analyst's or trainer's computer.
Mark important events and actions on the video. Assign actions to selected teams or players. Each tagged action is a cut as a single video file that goes into your video database. You can filter, search, and render these videos to your computer with a single click.
Analyze video footage, apply visual effects such as player highlighting, image magnification, freeze frames, player offsets, speed and distance measurements between objects, zone marking, and many more. The system allows you to apply both advanced dynamic objects based on the AI tracking of objects, as well as static elements that allow you to generate an image in jpg format.
Based on the tags you use, and the players and teams assigned to them, create quantitative and percentage analyses that you can visualize in the form of graphs and tables. Illustrate the location of events on the field and present them in the form of heat maps and the location of vectors of passes, shots and more on a diagram of the pitch or goal.
Thanks to the virtual tactical board, you can create 3D animations presenting the match line-up, playing set pieces or tactical assumptions. You can add finished animations as part of the final editing of your video.
Thanks to the movie mounting option, you can combine the cut actions, 3D animation, drawings, images and audio files. After arranging the elements in the correct order on the timeline, you can render the final movie to an MP4 file even in 4K quality!.
If you want to move on to static video analysis, also allows you to draw quickly and easily while assembling your presentation project. Simply upload your video footage, cut it up and start drawing. The system allows you to apply many objects to the video, such as lines, zones, or many others. This will give your analysis an attractive graphical look.
Virtual reality
Go even deeper into analyzing pitch situations with a virtual reality view. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, you can change your TV camera view to a virtual view from any perspective and location on the field with a single click. You can even see the action from the perspective of a specific player entering the POV view.
LiveTag.Pro Cloud
The LiveTag.PRO Cloud solution opens up a bunch of new possibilities in your use of LiveTag.PRO. With access to a dedicated cloud solution, you gain the ability to stream live video to other cloud users, as well as to platforms like YouTube. In addition, you can store video footage and share collections of clips with players or staff members.
Live streaming
Thanks to the integration with tools like OBS, you can hook up almost any recording device such as a camera, IP camera, drone, phone or tablet to LiveTag.Pro. As a result, you can code live matches and in conjunction with LiveTag.Pro Cloud, send rendered clippings directly to the coaching bench.

Heat-maps and event location reports

Built advanced reports using heat maps to show match events' location and density.


Players AI Tracking Algorithms

Use advanced AI tracking algorithms to bring even more accurate data to the presentation layer.


Coding board

Create your own keyboard shortcuts for a tag.

Import/Export XML

Wyscout, Statsbomb and Sportscode

Livetag.Pro Cloud

Easily upload, share and manage your footage for all your team members.

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Livetag.Pro Cloud

Cost: 49 Euro per month
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Carlos PintadoHead of Football Performance AnalysisFC Porto
Being a recent software, LiveTag.PRO gives us a set of high-quality tools for anyone who is dedicated to match analysis. Live capture, tag customization, 2D and 3D telestration, are tools that helped to develop our work at the FC Porto Academy. We are very satisfied
Gianluca MinarelliHead of Analysis DepartmentLithuanian Football Federation
We're really satisfied to have LiveTag.PRO in our LFF Analysis Department. It helps us in our player development process, in our analysis task and the coaching education with the great dynamic of tagging and innovative drawing tools, that provide clear and useful explanations and meetings
Dejan KopasićHead of performance analytics department and assistant coachSlovenian FA
An excellent programme that allows a comprehensive performance analysis and as such allows an observation, analysis and evaluation. Very powerful in the field of telestration. The programme is constantly evolving, and I am pleased that the programme itself is accessible to practically everyone.
Daniel WojtaszHead of Analysis at the School of CoachingPOLISH FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION
Over the years of working as an assistant and analyst, I was looking for a program that would allow me to comprehensively analyze the game. After all, it is possible.
Iztok KavčičHead of Coach EducationSlovenian Football Association
We are using LiveTag.Pro for our Coach education process in Slovenia and we are very satisfied with the program and the whole support that the team behind offers. We looked for some different options we can certainly admit that LiveTag.Pro is one of the best solutions on the market
Kristers PutninsEducation division specialistLatvian Football Federation
LiveTag.PRO now is my daily instrument when I work with video. Video for coach education, for staff in the club, and players everything in one place. Easy tagging and cutting great options for highlights etc. When you start using be patient to understand every step.
Giorgos ChristodoulouVideoanalystARIS FC Limassol
We choose as a club to use LiveTag.PRO software for analysis of our Tactical videos. I can say is the most creative software I use, it has many options for how you would like to use it. I am very happy, especially with the drawing animations. We can’t forget that the price for this software is amazing so we can have many Licenses in our group.
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